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Best Chicken Wings in Columbus, Ohio

Who has the best wings in Columbus!? We went directly to the citizens of Columbus for the answer, and here we've put together the most popular answers.

Barley's Brewing Company

Barley's wings are unique in that they're first smoked, then they're baked. If you're like us, you're used to a traditional, deep-fried chicken wing, but Barley's wings are different. They'll still incredible juicy yet crunchy, and pack tons of flavor. The wings here may be the city's worst kept secret!

B&K Smokehouse

A true hidden gem, B&K Smokehouse offers top-tier wings in addition to their regular barbecue offerings (which are equally as amazing). B&K smokes their wings to perfection to the point where they're about ready to fall off the bone. These are a must-try for any fans of smoky barbecue.


A true culinary gem, Gallo's not only has some of the best food in the city, but boasts some of the best wings in Columbus too. Their wings always fresh, not frozen, and are brined in sea salt before being cooked to perfection and topped off with your choice or a gold BBQ sauce or their signature hot wing sauce. More info on Gallo's and their multiple locations here.


What's a list of the best wings in Columbus without Roosters!? Featuring some of the largest wings anywhere, and an oil-based sauce that's full of flavor (and plenty of flavors and heat levels), Roosters frequently tops the list of people's favorite wings across the area.

OH Pizza & Brew

Flavorful and large, OH Pizza & Brew's wings are a real crowd pleaser. What's better is their wide sauce and rub selection that make it easy to make even the pickiest eaters happy. They also have a few location across Columbus, meaning you won't have to go too far to enjoy these.

Press Grill

Rounding out the list is a Columbus staple. Press Grill features a classic diner-style menu, and although all of their offerings are truly delicious, Press' wings are on another level. Cooked beautifully and slathered in plenty of sauce, Press most definitely has some of the best wings in Columbus.

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