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Run by three of Columbus' leading digital marketers who guide you through the process, you're in good hands with @LifeInColumbus.

"WOW!!!! What a successful giveaway!!! We are so happy over that our new followers are local and can’t wait to see our show! The more they come the more we can give back...thank you again for this incredible partnership!"

-Jamie Bando

Butch Bando's Fantasy Of Lights

I feel like it has been a huge success.  It has definitely driven business to the aesthetics program, and that was the whole point!

-Joey Decaminada

Grandview Pro Fitness


1) You tell us what you’d like to promote and your goal, whether it’s a sale you’re hosting, or an event, or general branding and awareness for your business.

2) You provide the picture(s) you'd like to use. We'll be happy to provide honest advise on whether we feel that they may perform well.

3) We'll put together the text for the post based on what we've seen work in the past. We then send this text to you for your approval; nothing gets posted without you signing off.

4) At this point, all the elements of the post are complete -- it's time to actually post it! We discuss a good day of the week to post it, and then it goes live during the time of day that the most of our followers are on Instagram according to our analytics.

That's it! Once the post has been up for 2-5 days, we'll then send you a quick report on how it did as well as our thoughts on how it ran.



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