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With experience running and growing one of Columbus, Ohio's most successful Instagram account, coupled with real-life marketing experience across multiple industries, Life In Columbus now offers marketing services in addition to our traditional advertisement posts.


We will come in and sit down with your marketing team to analyze your current marketing and work to create a plan of action that you can easily implement to better your pre-existing marketing efforts


With expertise and resources readily available, we can create more engaging content for your social media accounts to help turn more of your followers into customers while growing your digital presence.


Let us save you time and energy by creating a social media schedule for you, allowing you to simply implement our suggestions and focusing your creative juices elsewhere.

Let us bring our knowledge and expertise to you. With our consulting, the goal is to have your staff leave the meeting knowing everything they need to know to compete in the social media space with any other business out there. Additionally, they could then lean on us for anything they may need (advice, questions, etc). It's a one-stop shop and you have the peace of mind that this growing area of importance is covered and handled. Your team can then focus on better ways to continue to market and bring revenue to the business. This is perfect both for small businesses looking to get better at digital marketing, as well as larger businesses looking to touch up their skills and draw new ideas and inspiration. 

We'll teach:

  • What social platforms your specific business should be on (how each relates to your business, why and why not)

  • How to grow your instagram following organically (no bots, no cost, no software)

  • Teaching how the algorithm works for Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / TikTok or other needed platforms

  • When and how frequent your specific business should be posting on said platforms

  • Types of content to post on each specific platform

  • How to build and create content

  • How to drive business from these platforms

  • Direct line of contact with us via email (to answer questions, discuss strategy, and be there for your team)

  • Intro to the best resources and tools. These tools have helped us grow countless social accounts with a lot more ease and efficiency. We will introduce and show you each tool that will help you create better and more professional content (with ease), track your analytics and how to better understand your following.

When we come in and work with you, you'll know that what we're bringing to you is catered specifically towards your business and industry. This isn't cookie-cutter advise that is being repeated like a rehearsed speech; we take what we know and apply it just for you.

What's best is that once we're done, our help doesn't end. We keep an open line of communication with you so you can follow up with us anytime should you need any further help or guidance.



Creating quality content for your social media accounts is exhausting and time-consuming, and drains your creative energy. Let us assist you by helping direct or create content for you, based on our experience of running social media brand accounts across a wide variety of industries.

  • Authentic looking photo and video

  • Content created just for you

  • Less work for you, saving you plenty of time


Let us start bettering your digital marketing and bring in more business for you! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly

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