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March Madness is finally here, and we want to see who will have the city's best bracket this year with the Columbus Bracket Challenge!


Submit your bracket and compete against others all around Columbus, with the chance to win cash!



Each bracket is $10 to enter, with a maximum of (3) brackets allowed per person.

Payment MUST be received prior to first tipoff in order to be eligible to win prizes, NO EXCEPTIONS. You can pay via:

Venmo: @LifeInColumbus

CashApp: $LifeInColumbus

**To make this step easier, please include your bracket name(s) in the transaction notes

10% of the pot will be donated to charity! Stay tuned to our Stories to help determine which charity will be the beneficiary.


Prize amount and splits are determined by the amount of paid entrants, and is broken down as follows:

50-100 entries:
1st 62%, 2nd 22%, 3rd 6%

100-150 entries:
1st 48%, 2nd 18%, 3rd 13%, 4th 8%, 5th 3%

150-200 entries:
1st 43%, 2nd 18%, 3rd 13%, 4th 8%, 5th 5%, 6th 3%

200+ entries:
1st 39%, 2nd 16.5%, 3rd 11.5%, 4th 9%, 5th 6.5%, 6th 5%, 7th 2.5%

Should there be more than 500+ entries, we reserve the right to reassess the payouts to include a potential 8th, 9th, and/or 10th place winner.

And of course, we will be providing receipts throughout to ensure that 100% of the pot is going to the winner, less the 10% to charity.


As this competition is hosted on Yahoo, we will follow Yahoo's default scoring:











For tiebreakers, those also follow Yahoo's default scoring:

"If two or more players in a group finish with the same overall point total after a national champion is crowned, we'll use the following system to break the tie (for tiebreakers, we only take predicted points into consideration):

  • First tiebreaker - Closest prediction of total points scored by both teams wins.

  • Second tiebreaker - Closest prediction for points scored by the winning team.

  • Third tiebreaker - Closest prediction for points scored by the losing team. If this last tiebreaker results in a deadlock, the players remain tied in the standings."

Disclosure: The guys who run @LifeInColumbus will be making PAID entries on behalf of themselves, and will be subject to the same rules and chances as everyone else.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM us or email us ( Good luck, and go Bucks!

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